Leveraging Digital Platforms for Fundraising

Email Recruitment

After interested parties have registered with their email address,
information and further details can be sent to them.
Thus, people become more familiar with the issue and more willing to donate.

Social Media

Social media offers easy and inexpensive options to reach out to
different audiences and garner attention.
It's important to find the right networks for your organization's purpose.
You can find more detailed ideas for getting started

Online Gaming

A new and novel way of approaching and attracting donors,
online gaming offers the opportunity to speak to a growing,
charity-friendly audience

Online Fundraising

There are many websites like GoFundMe or JustGiving
where individuals or organizations can set up their own call for donations,
introduce themselves, set goals and explain what
will be done with the funds raised.


Your organization's website should actively solicit donations.
It is where potential donors can learn about the organisation's goals and objectives in detail,
thereby generating willingness to donate.
By embedding a prominently placed donation button on your homepage,
you can make it easier for interested people to contribute to your cause.


Traditional crowdfunding is about collecting donations,
often in smaller amounts, from a large number of donors.
Online fundraising platforms facilitate this.

Text/SMS Donations

Send prospects a text message enabling them to donate
with a simple click or to go to the relevant website for more information.
Text or SMS donations take advantage of the digital tool people often have with them
and make donating as easy as sending a digital "thumbs up".