Digital Leadership and Health

Digital Leadership and Health


  • In this module, TSO leaders will be introduced to the vital topic of Digital Leadership and Health.  Since COVID-19, this is a hugely important leadership area, so we set the scene on the Role of Leadership in Digital Health 
  • This module then progresses to assist the learner to identify Digital Health Challenges and develop Strategies for Digital Health Management and Assessment, creating awareness of different tactics and various online tools to promote good digital wellbeing at organizational level.  
  • Finally, leaders will understand key approaches to Empowering Others for Digital Health.

Instructional & Learning Objectives

Learning Goals:​​

  • Learners will understand all aspects encompassing Digital Leadership and Health within the third sector and recognize its vital role in nurturing healthy and well performing teams. 

Instructional Objectives: ​​

  • ​​Learners will be introduced to the definitions, relevance, and implications of Digital Leadership and Health in the third sector.

Learning Objectives​

  1. Role of Leadership in Digital Health within the Third Sector:

   – Learners will analyze the unique influence of digital health on third-sector organizational culture and performance. 

  1. Digital Health Challenges and Strategies in the Third Sector:  

   – Learners will identify potential challenges and explore strategies and solutions tailored for Digital Health Management and Assessment within the third sector. 

  1. Empowering Others for Digital Health in the Third Sector:

   – Learners will explore methods tailored to motivate and educate team members of the third sector about the best practices of digital health. 

  1. Digital Leader for a Healthy Digital Culture in the Third Sector:

   -Learners will be able to craft and implement strategies tailored for the third sector to foster a healthy digital environment. 

Competencies Gained

  • Proficient understanding about Digital Leadership and Health in the third sector and its role in shaping non-profit and volunteer-driven organizations.
  • Familiarity with the unique challenges and strategies associated with implementing digital health in the era of remote and hybrid organizational  structures
  • Capability to advocate and promote digital health practices 
  • Understand the special role of a leader in fostering a digital health-centric culture within the third sector.
  • Develop the ability to integrate health and well-being into their digital strategies, especially in the modern era after the onset of COVID-19.

Module Duration

  • Total duration: 3.5 hours 
  • 1.50h to complete the theoretical part (PDF and Presentations) 
  • 1h hour to complete the exercises and the final assessment quiz 
  • 1h to familiarise with the provided digital tools 


3 rules for better work-life balance | The Way We Work, a TED series  

Useful Resources for Employers, an easy-to-use practical guide to prevent  digital fatigue, based on the research ¨Global Culture Report¨  

Apps That Increase the Wellbeing of Team Members   10 apps to help you embrace self-care: Enhance well-being in your daily life (  

Incorporate Team Huddles  

Managing Teams Virtually 

Digital Wellbeing: Hyperconnectivity and Notifications 

How to identify signs of burnout 

Why our Screens Make Us Less Happy? 

Lesson Materials/Content