Crowdfunding Preparation and Execution


To start your own NGO can be difficult and to get a loan from a bank can be hard and not always the best option. However, there are many ways and opportunities to get funding. One of them is crowdfunding over an online platform. Depending on your organization there are different platforms that might work better for you.   

One example is gofundme which is an international crowdfunding platform. This might be the right choice when you want to start a bigger, international NGO. However, local banks and communities also offer different funding programs to reach the local community.   

To sign up at a fundraising platform and get the best out of it, it’s important to fill out all the information and tell your organisation’s story.

Identify your location
Let people know where they can find your organisation
Choose if you sign up for yourself or someone else
Set goals for the online fundraising action. How much do you want to raise and how many donors do you estimate it will take to reach your goal?
Give your profile personality by adding photos, graphics, or video content
Add more information on why you are raising that money, how donated funds will be put to use, and who will benefit
Start sharing you profile
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Engage your Audience

The first step towards getting donations is engaging your audience. Try sharing a a video explaining the fundraising goal and introducing them to your organisation.