Competence Proficiency Quiz: Measure Your Skills

Assess your Proficiency!

To gauge your skills and measure your progress, we recommend you spend some time completing this competence proficiency assessment. This online tool will allow you to self-assess your knowledge based on the Digital Competences Proficiency Level Framework. It is recommended that you complete this self-assessment at the beginning of the course and again at the end of the course to track your growth.

You can complete the quick assessment below or at DigComp (

Using the tool

Complete the assessment by rating your skills on a scale of 1-8, with 1 being foundational and 8 being highly specialised.

Take some time to explore your results. 

Start by viewing the overview of your results.

Check out the areas where you ranked highest. These are areas you have clearly worked on developing and should be proud. Think about how you can use these strengths to your advantage.

Importantly take some time looking at the areas where you scored the lowest. These could be risk areas for your organisation. Either consider upskilling in that certain area or finding internal or external expertise.