Effective Digital Communication

Effective Digital Communication


In this course, TSO leaders will learn how the internal and external communication of the organisation can be improved, addressing the common miscommunication issues at the workplace.

Additionally, they will learn the importance of Storytelling for boosting the brand, as well as communication strategies for the organisation.

Furthermore, they will evaluate organizational performance by using KPIs.

Learning Goal:

Learners will understand which appropriate digital communication means should be used for given on text, as well as how to interact through a variety of digital technologies.

Instructional Objectives:

Learners will be introduced to data, information and digital content sharing.

Learners will be instructed in graphic design, digital communication strategies, paid and targeted advertising, and data analytics.

Learning Objectives:

Learners will be able to design, plan, schedule and evaluate communication actions, posts, campaigns, newsletters, etc.

Learners will be able to design considering the colours, typography, structure, and relevance.

Learners will apply creative thinking, as well as how to analyse and evaluate data

Learners will be able to monitor what is working and identify possible gaps while communicating internally and externally.

Competencies Gained:

Learners will demonstrate the ability to customise privacy settings; find and use key hashtags, as well as create strong branded hashtags.

Learners will have the basic ability to cover events live on social media (live-tweeting, posting) and engage with online participants during an event.

Learners will demonstrate basic photo editing skills as well as the ability to overlay text; and will show competency in operating various photo editing apps.

Leaners will demonstrate the ability to contribute ideas to larger strategies with supervision, as well as gain a basic knowledge of in-platform scheduling tools.

Learners will gain a basic knowledge of filters to target posts according to demographics; a knowledge of when and how to boost posts; and the ability to create trackable links.

Learners will gain a basic understanding of key terms such as clicks, views, reactions, etc., as well as an understanding of Google Analytics.

Module Duration:

2-3 hours content (please allocated time devoted to theoretical part, exercises and individual work)


3 models of communication: YouTube
Miscommunication: YouTube
Organizational Silos and how to prevent them: Article
Non-Profit Organizational Charts: Website
Inbound Marketing: Website
Inbound v Outbound Marketing: Presentation
How to run a lean mean non-profit marketing machine: Article
Survey on inbound Marketing: Article

Lesson Materials/Content